Gayatri Iyengar Charted Accountant (Auditing & Finance)

“I undertook a Career Coaching program with ALLPAVIRAM (Anannd Wagh). I wanted to understand and align my thoughts on what I wanted to do and my interests. Anannd Wagh helped a great deal in identifying my core areas where I could excel; in aligning my thoughts to actions to achieve my goals. Throughout the coaching, and even after the sessions every discussion/ talk with him helped me gain more confidence and realise that following my heart and doing what I feel is the ultimate bliss of life.”

Dr. Ameya D (Practising Doctor at a Medical Institute)

" The day I went to meet Anannd ji & then today, I can’t explain the transformation that happened. I could have been at the doorsteps of a psychiatrist but destiny took me to the doorsteps of Anannd ji’s divine guidance…
The first session of healing with Sounds & Silence, on chakra balancing itself had brought about great changes. From being depressed to the low energy levels, to unexplained aches, pains & heaviness in head every single day, to having evolved to a super energetic, lively, happy, positive & pain free being is the transformation i was looking for.
I had lost myself & now I have discovered my health, wellbeing, goodness & positivity. The 2nd & 3rd sessions of Sound healing has taken me to a deeper realm of Dhyana & I feel much calmer, patient & relaxed.
Anannd ji has been the light who showed me the path & I will be grateful to him forever.”

Saniya Nankani German Language Student (Max Muller Bhavan) / Pune University Student

“Career Coaching with ALLPAVIRAM, has immensely helped me get on the right path. I was lost in the maze and was clueless on which profession to choose as I was passing my college years. Allpaviram and Anannd Wagh Sir helped me discover my strengths and likings related to work through their various tests and tools, and now I’m very clear about my career goals. I’m now more confident as I can see my career path & life going forward clearly.”

Faiz Ahmed Shah Sr. Manager (Panchshil Reality)

“I undertook Life Coaching with ALLPAVIRAM. Awareness of my own strengths and weaknesses was one of the major realisations that happened during Coaching with him. Channelizing my strengths in the right way to bring out the best in me; I felt secure and strong through the right advice at the most confusing moments. I was comfortable and open to learning as Anannd Wagh Sir was also my MBA professor at the college.

There is always more to come when guidance comes through some one wise enough to see life through God's ways, Anannd Sir does exactly the same. Sir continues to be like a lighthouse at the shore to guide people navigate their lives. Thank you Sir.”

Sushma Yadav Analyst 2 (Tetrapak)

““My introduction to meditation was with Anannd Sir. The program Sounds & Silence a module by ALLPAVIRAM is specially developed by him, which was enlightening and fascinating. It opened my mind to a whole different concept of the energy we produce. It has inspired me to improve my life, and my space. My spiritual practice and my environment and life are becoming clearer and more vibrant. And the biggest thing is that I feel empowered and I love myself. Thanks Allpaviram.”

Shantanu Shukla Corporate Manager (NEXA, Maruti Suzuki)

“I am really grateful to Prof. Anannd Wagh Sir, for his coaching. He has rightfully taught me various aspects from the importance of market research to choosing the right career path. He patiently solved all my silly questions and gave a new perspective to my life, which I am proud of. I am happy & feel really grateful to have a mentor like him. I wish every student gets an opportunity to train under his wings & I thank him for all his contribution in my life.”

N. Radha Founder Director, (Radha’s Lifestyle Yoga/ Ayush Ministry of India, Certified Yoga Trainer)

“Career Coaching at ALLPAVIRAM has helped me in founding and establishing my business. Their modules helped put my energies in the right direction, and save my time and cut down on non-productive work. At various stages of my business, I was guided to shift my perspective & my business to the next level of growth. With the expert guidance my milestones of achievements are manifesting before time, which otherwise would have taken more years. Thank you ALLPAVIRAM for your fruitful guidance.”

Inamdar. R Director (Kinder School)

“I attended the ‘Sounds & Silence’ program at ALLPAVIRAM, and I must say that this was the first time I got to learn how many unnecessary sounds I was consuming daily. I could understand the sense of Sound and its effects on a human body. The Meditation session based on Sounds & Silence was very helpful in healing and getting back the focus.
Thanks ALLPAVIRAM for this unique breakthrough healing & meditation module. ”

Ameya Bhate Marketing Manager (OLA)

“Patient, Humble, Proactive, Stylish are few qualities I have always admired in my Marketing Guru, Mr. Anannd Wagh. His impeccable style of teaching, which involves active student participation, case study presentations plugged with theory, made him popular amongst us. My conversations with him are not limited to Marketing but they extend to a diverse range of topics beyond marketing. I believe, his positive approach and in-depth knowledge has shaped me into the marketer that I’m today. He has been a mentor during my ups and downs; I consider myself fortunate to be coached under him.”

Anand Mayur Manager Business Development (ZF Steering Gear India Ltd)

“I remember attending the first Marketing lecture by Anannd Wagh Sir. And that was it... From 2012 to 2015, I continued Marketing as a main subject because of him. The reason I say this is because, his teaching technique was always leading to something that could lead to a doable conclusion. No hyperboles! I remember discussing my job related issue with him a couple of times and every time the right career coaching program followed. He was always encouraging with sound advise, he had the patience to listen to every student who would came to him with a query. Every time you meet him, you would surely walk back motivated to do something you were wanting to do or you should have been doing by now. Meeting him always leaves me enlightened! He makes you think out-of-the-box. For me he's a Mentor for Life!”

Ram Khandarkar Manager (MultiFit Gym)

“I first met Anannd Wagh Sir, at Talwalkars Gym, he had a one of a kind personality, which I admired and aspired to be. As I started talking to him, I started knowing more about myself and I opted for his personal coaching.
He had immense belief in me from the very start which i had always lacked. With his coaching i received guidance on each and every aspect of my life, say it Sales, Marketing, Personality Development, Education and so on. He had the solution for everything which i felt was a stumbling block in my advancement. All i can say is, he is one-stop-shop of all my queries.
I am really thankful to him that he believed in me and guided me throughout my career and is still guiding me for so many things...thank you so much Sir and I wish you all the best.”

Amey Vidvans AGM Planning (Panchshil Reality)

“Sir, Thank you so much for giving me such an invaluable learning experience. Your have a great ability to connect and to bring out the best from whomever you meet. You have always been very encouraging. Syllabus could never limit your teaching and we got a lot of different insights about various aspects. May you always continue to shape lives of people; all the very best.”

Liladhar Punje Area Sales Manager (Samvardhana Motherson Group)

“It’s my great pleasure to share a thought about Wagh Sir… he is extremely professional and a humble person ever I have met.
Truly disciplined and innovative, he guided me during my Master Graduation, which helped me in my current profession.
I found your teaching to be in complete sync with current affairs and that enabled me relate and grasp any complex subject quickly.
I would like to express my gratitude for your guidance and support. Create intellectuals like you through your profession. All the best!!”

Joel Mathews Co-Founder (Candour Marketing Solutions)

“Professor Anannd Wagh has mentored & coached me during my MBA. The knowledge he has shared with me has helped me in achieving many milestones & it has helped me immensely in my career growth & life. I would want more and more people to get encouraged by the wisdom of Sir.”

Vinayak M Chavan DGM Engineering Division (Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corp)

“Being a student of MMS (Pune University), I had a great experience having Mr. Anannd Wagh Sir, as a professor. He is a self-driven who develops inspiring relationships with his students. His ability to connect with the students and their talent, teaching simple concepts, as well as advanced topics, are exceptionally superior. His creative approach provides comprehensive insights in career advancement. I must admit that he is not only instrumental in my journey of learning but he has also affected my day-to-day life positively.”

Nikita Naik Entrepreneur (Business Owner)

“Anannd Sir has been instrumental in shaping my thoughts on Business in a unique direction. His point of view taught me to think from a perspective that I never saw before i.e. from a grass-root level. He does not impart knowledge like a regular guide but makes sure we listen, understand & apply. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his valuable contribution in my career & life.”

Varsha Jadhav Associate Manager (Kirloskar Brothers Ltd)

“A million thanks to ALLPAVIRAM and Anannd Sir, as you gave me the strength to achieve my potential. I am glad to be your student as you really inspired and taught me to be very positive always. Other than education, you also taught us the importance of health, how to attain mental peace and achieve goals in our lives. I feel I’m a better human being for sure.
Your unique guiding modules have helped me a lot in my professional career & I consider myself very lucky to have you as my teacher, a friend, a philosopher, & a guide. I owe you a debt of gratitude for all that you have done for me.
Once again, thanks a lot ALLPAVIRAM & team for your guidance and support extended in shaping my career. ”