Zen Doodle

"It just comes out of my subconscious. If you asked me to draw you a doodle, I couldn't do it. " - Lois Frankel

This program is for

  • Individuals who wish to learn a New Art form.
  • Teams who wish to introduce fun and mystery at their workplace.
  • Those seeking to improve Focus & Concentration, and Release Stress.
  • Individuals or groups looking for alternate therapy for Healing.
  • Those desiring to Connect with Self & Meditate.
  • Corporates who want to engage & entertain their managers and leaders.

Just because you are doodling absent-mindedly doesn’t mean you are inattentive. Doodling is to draw pictures or patterns while thinking about something else or when you are bored. Some may say doodling is kid stuff, or it means you’re not paying attention (in reality it’s just the opposite!). The truth is your daydream drawing gives you an unobstructed view into your own mind.

Some of history’s most influential people were doodlers. Science also supports the importance of doodling. Doodling helps you pay attention, act as an emotional outlet and enhances your creative thought, and most importantly gives an insight into your own psyche. Let's get back the little joys of life.

  • Learn the Art of Doodling to gain focus, attention, clarity at a micro level and know your psyche.
  • Learn to draw simple figures and patterns like human figures, faces, flowers, stars, squares, cubes, letters, alphabets, houses, flying animals, spider webs and discover your inner feelings, thoughts and patterns in life.

At Allpaviram, we teach you the science and art of doodling.

Join us for a weekend / weekday batch on Zen Doodling and Walk away with tips and techniques to use doodling as a healing, therapy, fun & engagement. Stop Googling… start Doodling